Exclusive Mass Marketing Group represents energy manufacturers that are focused on energy efficiency, including high efficiency products, energy management systems and other green solutions that are friendly for your home and businesses. Exclusive Mass Marketing Group focuses on the market as a Sales Consultant – Not only a sales representative. Our agency works hand-in-hand supporting sales, marketing and technical application of these products through the supply chain manufacturer-to-contractor.

The formula for success with Exclusive Mass Marketing Group is quite simple to say but more difficult to achieve – Growing sales starts with a focus on the contractor. The distributors will sell what a contractor is asking for. To that degree, Exclusive Mass Marketing Group has the technical expertise to train the contractor and wholesaler on all of our products including the value proposition, installation and even troubleshooting. Our role here is more than just making the sale. We also provide the manufacturers with both of our technical skills and our knowledge of the market focus, which thus allows us to properly position their products.

We have good business relationships with the contractors and distributors in our market, and we work every day to provide value to all of our parts of the supply chain and our recruiters.

Energy Deregulated States in the United States



At Exclusive Mass Marketing Group, we have extensive experience in developing marketing programs to help grow the sales of the products we represent to our customers and recruiters. For our manufacturers, we will work with your standard promotion programs or custom develop to fit our territory and customer wants and needs. Our goal is to intelligently promote your products to gain contractor acceptance and identification. For products sold through the spec and bid market, our focus at Exclusive Mass Marketing Group is to include the architect and engineering companies in the region who may possibly use our products in their designs.

The goals of our marketing programs developed by Exclusive Mass Marketing Group include:

  • Assist with new product launches.
  • Quality customer service.
  • Face-to-face sales and networking techniques.
  • Increasing distribution and sales.
  • Educating contractors and engineers on the value proposition.
  • Building loyalty of our contractors.



With Exclusive Mass Marketing Group, we can ensure you have got an unusually good strategy. There are several Americans that are growing increasingly apathetic about their utility companies, and they are growing increasingly fond of solar, especially when it comes with no-cash-down options and predictable monthly fees. Go ahead and throw in a broad array of new green technologies and some nearly irresistible bundles offering and poof! There goes the balance of power in the energy sector that has suddenly shifted in a huge way.

If you are a utility, how do you even reclaim customer relationships and stay relevant and viable financially? If you are a renewable energy company, how do you best take advantage of the emerging opportunities?


Just Ask Us

These are exactly the questions we are answering for all of our clients! So we can best provide the insights, strategies and market engagement programs necessary for your success. Of course, make no mistake with Exclusive Mass Marketing Group. You can count on us to have the most informed point of view and the most actionable ideas for your organization.



Here at EMMG we like to work hard and PLAY hard. Here are some highlights from our Annual Softball Game and Picnic.

Annual Softball Game 2017.

Enjoy the video from our Holiday Party.


Corporate Office
716 E. 47th St. 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60653

Location 2 – Non Corporate
400 W. 76th St. Suite 326
Chicago, IL 60620

Corporate Office
716 E. 47th St. 4th Floor
Chicago, IL 60653

Location 2 – Non Corporate
400 W. 76th St. Suite 326
Chicago, IL 60620